Catch The Rising Sun, presents a poetic retelling of the Greek Mythology story of the Fall of Icarus intertwined with music from Kathryn Patricia's EP, Catch The Rising Sun. Both through the music and the story text, this program will explore the protagonist, Icarus, and his relationship to the sun--its light, wonder, and shadow side. This program will share this timeless story along with invite listeners on a journey to explore the sights and sounds of the story landscape through music.


"I received glowing feedback both verbally and written from very happy patrons, who appreciated the music as well as you, Kathryn. It would be great to have you back- all your concert programming sounds terrific! My thanks for doing this concert and making your audience so happy."
-Paula, Public Service Assistant/Adult Programming


“On behalf of all of us here at St. Anthony, thank you for a beautiful day of music and art! The students, both in kindergarten and in gr 6,  thoroughly enjoyed their time with you."
-Cindy, Principal of St. Anthony School


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