Honouring The Solo Voice Of The Viola

The solo voice of the viola has lived in the shadow of it's violin 'sibling' for most of history.  Due to physical limitations of the instrument and its effects on projection, the viola was not always a natural choice for composers in writing virtuoso repertoire.
Technology and a growth in craftsmanship has opened new doors for this instrument:  The following projects feature the use of the viola combined with amplification, loop pedal and effects  that showcase that vast sonar colour palate of the instrument.



I have created this subscription to more widely share my music, in which I will be sharing my 'pre-releases of a new EP (two to four pieces) per month, capturing the small beautiful moments in life.

All subscribers will receive complimentary copies of all official releases on my music.

To listen to music from my EPs, Selah and Inner Roads, visit the link below

Dream and True North Presentation Insta.

Dream & True North

Exploring disconnection and connection through movement and sound, Dream & True North is a project envisioned choreographed by by Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson, performed by Lois Chan, Sarah Hopkin & Mélissa Roy.  To view a presentation of a work in progress of this project, see the link below:



The solo Bach repertoire has been a staple in the classical repertoire; celebrating the depth and breath of bowed string instrument's solo identities.

The Bach Project features selections of the solo Bach repertoire and invites listeners into an experience of deep listening.  In combination with the Boss RC-30 loop pedal, Kathryn re-contextualizes excerpts of the Bach movements  to be reflected upon in a meditative way.  In a world filled with over-stimulation,  Kathryn's music creates a retreat of intentional reflection for its listeners.

To learn more about this project and Kathryn's creative process, listen to an interview Kathryn had with Ottawa New Music Creators here:



Selah, is a set of works written for viola and loop pedal.  An ancient word found in Hebrew biblical texts, Selah has been described as pause, a time of reflection that often included musical interlude.  These pieces are based out the emotions and life experiences of the human spirit. Through this show Kathryn invites listeners to enter into a time of reflection and mindfulness.  As a skilled facilitator, Kathryn invites audiences of all ages to engage with the music and relate it to their life experiences.

Exploring The Creative Process:
Unpacking the listener's journey, Kathryn  highlights specific sounds and techniques showcased within the repertoire performed through  interactive activities.  Dedicated to community music making, each concert features a live music composition created by the audience with Kathryn 

Embracing Music As Storyteller:
Through this creative experience,  Kathryn holds space for audiences to identify and reflect upon the emotions and characters they encounter during the music-making process.  Each musical work unpacks an emotion or feeling akin to life's journey.


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