• Kathryn Patricia Cobbler

Dreaming, Imagining, Envisioning : Ways I Creatively Engage in Reflection

Journaling is something I have done off and on through the years.

What I love about it was being able to capture my thoughts, emotions, and life experiences of a specific season.

Looking back and reading old journal entries is both hilarious and growthful at the same time.

It's both eye-opening to see the things that seemed SO important at different times in my life (pink highlights in middle school 😋) but also the lessons I learnt along the way.

Whether it is for looking backward or visioning for the future, journaling can be a powerful tool.

With everything I do, I try to find ways for my passions to intersect:

In this season, I created two journals that each have an accompanying 40 minute musical collection. Designed to help you to find a place of calm as you envision for the future, or reflect backward.

One of my journals collections is called Love is Rest:

Love is...

A four letter word. A feeling of intense emotion of affection, and takes on many forms. In all the things that love is, I hope that it can be a place of safety and restoration. A sentiment that reminds us that we accepted just as we are-- no more, no less.

Love should be a feeling of warmth, care, and rejuvenation. Love is wholeness based in deep connection. Love Is Rest.
My hope is that my piece 'Love is Rest' has captured these feelings. Hope it brings more joy and hope to your everyday life.
Learn about my Love is Rest journal + music collection here:
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