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Music As Our Breath--Live Music For Yoga Sessions

Updated: Apr 2

Friday, February 7th was a magical experience. I had the opportunity to collaborate with fabulous violist and yoga teacher Lisa Moody. Fascinated by the connection between music the human body and movement, we explored what melodies could be used to support and emulate yoga poses. This collaboration was both growthful and inspiring! We had an amazing experience at the yoga and live music session we held entitled An Evening of 'Yogala' (yoga and viola). A point of growth for me, was making sure the music from my viola and loop pedal did not cover the instructions given by Lisa during the yoga session. To do this, I treated my music almost like a 'response' to her voice. Seeing all the participants moving in unison in slow motion along to the music I was creating was very dynamic. Music is such a special storytelling medium. Using it to map our movement, breath, and emotions creates a beautiful connection to the different parts to ourselves.

I am really excited for this upcoming season as it continues to be filled with projects that use music to reflect movement and the human experience. To learn more about upcoming events. see my event page here.

For more 'Yogala' events stay tuned!

Wishing you a wonderful week--Rest and Restore

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