• Kathryn Patricia Cobbler

NUMUS 2022 Double Bill : Catch the Video Experience!

An Evening of Absolute fire 🔥

The world where new music and improvised melodies meet, truly is a beautiful experience.

When performing, I like to ask is, "what do we need right now?" A performance is a collective shared experience of beauty, exploration, intimacy and meaning.

During this concert with the incredible Ben Grossman, and the winner of NUMUS's Improvising contest, Cassandra Wolff and myself, it was just that--magic ✨

Music is a captivating storyteller. This evening captures the storylines of three individual solo voices that join together in improvised duos and trios.

Such an honour to perform with these wonderful artists ❤️

If you missed the magic✨ you can catch the digital concert here:


* Tickets starting at $5

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