• Kathryn Patricia Cobbler

Plant. Water. Grow. Repeat 🌱: What Keeps You Grounded✨?

Finally 'spring has sprung' (weather or not the weather has caught up 😋)

This season reminds me of my EP, From the Ground Up. For this album, I wrote movements of music based on different parts of the plant life cycle.

I. Lullaby of the Decline

II. Seedlings Take Root

III. Outstretched Towards the Sky

IV. Buds in Full Bloom

In writing and performing this EP, I continued to ask:

What keeps me rooted ?

How can I deepen those practices for sustainability and growth?

As a 'through-line' of all of my work it is an EP to support moments of reflection and contemplation. With each movement mirroring the growth journey of a seedling, I hope these melodies will bring rest and warmth to your days.

👂🎧 To listen to this EP and more of my music, see the link below:


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