• Kathryn Patricia Cobbler

Something Blue : What we wear and the concert experience

The awkward dressing room selfie 😋 One of the things I'm getting use to in this "new normal" is doing the '360 review' again. The days of doing concerts in pink fuzzy socks are slowly slipping away…

As a classically trained string player, wardrobe has never been a large part of the performance process. In preparing for orchestra, black was always the concert dress--a neutral backdrop for the music to 'float' on top of.

As a solo artist, wardrobe has becomes another avenue for creativity. How different colours and textures can add to the ambience of a performance. As I am 'dressed in blue' I am incredibly grateful to be able to perform in-person concerts and projects.🎶🎻 What are you finding life-giving in this season ? I have some exciting video projects coming down the pipeline, looking forward to sharing them with you soon 😊! #blue #dress #photooftheday #selfie #ottawalooppedalviolist #viola #violista #womeninart #womeninmusic #soundart #artsound #liveart #improvising

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