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Sounding Light--Tis the Season!

Hello! I hope my message finds you well.

The 'Sounding Light' Activities gives students an opportunity to engage in activities that celebrate the season no matter what cultural and religious holidays they celebrate. They will engage in activities that highlight the beauty of the night sky, and learn about the practice of gift-giving.


With the coming of winter solstice, we welcome in a new seasons that are filled with many magical moments.

Some of Which, come in the form of stars…


With shorter days and longer nights, the stars have a longer time to shine!

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Listen to Accompanying Music Resource:

Awakening Final.WAV

Download Accompanying Resource:

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Grades: 3-6

Learning Goals: Expressing thoughts, feelings, messages, and ideas through the arts.

Curriculum Links: Creating and Presenting: apply the creative process to produce art works in a variety of traditional two- and three-dimensional forms, as well as multimedia art works, that communicate feelings, ideas,

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About Kathryn Patricia Cobbler

Kathryn Patricia Cobbler is an artist in Canada's Capital region.

As a Loop pedal violist, composer, and educator, her work centres around multidisciplinary collaborations that both hold space for and tell the life stories of audiences and communities.


If you enjoyed this resource, check out her interactive concert "Stories Told: Celebrating Canadian Folk":

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