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Put Your "Creative" Mask On First

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

We have heard it said before on airplanes before take off, the flight attendant instructs you to “put your oxygen mask on first,” before helping others.

It is simple enough to internalize and understand this in a safety context, but what does it look like to put this into practice as leaders, artists and educators in our daily lives?

Working in the arts is a labour of love. The amount of hours we put in to our artistic practice and to support students as they develop their own often extends way beyond a typical "9 to 5".

As we look at our role as mentors, and educators, it can be so easy to pour all that we have into supporting the next generation, particularly if this is your primary vocation, it can be easy to see our own artistic endeavours take a back seat.

This note is a friendly reminder that you are a brilliant artist. You have a voice and are a wonderful gift to your community.

So before you go to write your next lesson plan, start choosing repertoire for the next season or send a technical study to your students. Ask yourself:

Have I expressed myself through my instrument or artform today?

Even if it is just three 5 minutes of playing, one bar--or even 3 notes, put on your "Creative" mask on first. Your own creative fuel will be a well of inspiration to your students.

Looking for a fun way to capture your creativity within an artist statement with your students? Check out this Artist Statement Madd Libb HERE

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